Presidential letter

Srivani Edupuganti Student Government President



Dear Incoming Comets,

Congratulations on your acceptance to UTD! We could not be more excited to have you here. Whether you’re coming to us as a freshman right out of high school, as someone who’s taken a gap year, a transfer from another university or wherever else the world may have taken you before this point, you are now about to embark upon a journey that will be some of the most formative, cherished years of your life.

Each of you have a different path you plan to walk — perhaps you will fast-track your way to a master’s in computer science, or perhaps you’re finishing up a degree in accounting. Regardless of the major you pursue or how long you’re here, UTD has something special to offer each and every one of you. UTD is a place where you can make lifelong friendships, develop new interests and strengthen your old ones. This school transforms into a home once you open yourself up to exploring it.

While every Comet shines in their individuality, the one quality that unites us all is our passion. Take the time to get to know everyone around you, and you’ll see it. From your professors to your classmates, from the new friends you’ll make in clubs to the random people you see dancing in the skybridges at night, every person on this campus has a fiery drive that propels them forward. You have it too. If you haven’t found it yet, that’s okay. That’s what UTD is here to do: nurture the sparks within our Comets until they’re ready to go into the world and blaze a new trail.

Take advantage of the crazy, wonderful things that UTD has to offer. It may sound repetitive, but truly, put yourself out there! A whole new world opens up when you challenge yourself to be fearless– so even if you are scared, try anyway. As your Student Government, our mission is to serve the collective interests of the student body. We act as the official student voice to UTD administration, the UT System Board of Regents and other governmental entities. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to write to you as your SG President, and I cannot wait to meet you all, hear your concerns and use your input to make our community a better place for years to come. Welcome home, Comets.


Srivani Edupuganti (she/her)

Student Government President

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