Issue 4 1 2024

Law enforcement raids pro-Palestine encampment, arrests students and faculty | May 1, 2024

Less than 12 hours after pro-Palestine student activists formed the “Gaza Liberation Plaza” encampment in UTD’s Chess Plaza, local police and state troopers stormed the event, dismantling the tents and barricades constructed throughout the day and arresting student and faculty protesters. At 4:30 a.m., a coalition of student groups including Students for Justice in Palestine, […]

Comets create encampment in solidarity with Gaza | May 1, 2024

Students established a solidarity encampment with Gaza at the Chess Plaza, surrounded by walls made of cardboard, plywood and tires with a sign reading “Free Palestine: all the walls will fall.” State and local police forces arrived 4 p.m., tearing down the encampment and arresting at least 16 students and three professors less than 12 […]

Comets blast through softball opponents | April 1, 2024

While a home sweep against an ASC rival gives the Comets confidence heading into April, the season remains about more than just softball.   This week, UTD’s softball team crossed the halfway point in the season. After bonding through the loss of their coach last fall, they have continued to play as a tight-knit unit — […]

Save Reunion Tower: in defense of Hunt Realty | April 1, 2024

The proposal of a bullet train between Houston and Dallas is long overdue, but it cannot come at the cost of removing 46 years of city symbolism and sustainable housing for an already struggling community. Comets should petition their officials in support of further study of sustainable public transportation projects, otherwise we will continue creating […]

Abbott’s age verification order spells Internet doom | April 1, 2024

Texas’ recent attempt to restrict access to pornography intrinsically fails to actually protect minors and legal consumers of porn while exposing them to new data risks.  The Texas legislature passed HB 1181 June 2023 with the intent of limiting the access Texas citizens have to “sexual material harmful to minors on an Internet website” by […]

Trains over towers: Why DFW desperately needs the high-speed rail plan | April 1, 2024

If demolishing the Reunion Tower is necessary for implementing intercity high-speed rail in Texas, then it is critical we do it to help combat congestion while improving local communities. Comets should petition their officials and mobilize in support of sustainable public transportation projects.    In 2023, Amtrak announced support for Texas Central’s plans of creating a […]

Men’s tennis team opens with a smash | April 1, 2024

The UTD men’s tennis team defeated a struggling LeTourneau team 8-1 on March 20 in their first ASC match before earning an impressive 5-2 victory against D-II Missouri-St. Louis on March 25. Their March 21 game against Oral Roberts was canceled because of weather.  Against LeTourneau, the Comets won two of their three doubles matches […]

UTD’s secret weapon: Rahul Peddi | April 1, 2024

Finance and economics junior Rahul Peddi has bided his time, slowly climbing the charts in independent tournaments to become the chess team’s unexpected ace in the upcoming season.   Although his performance last year wasn’t acknowledged through accolades, Peddi played in significant tournaments on his own throughout the year, increasing his rating to prepare for […]

UTD baseball team sweeps ASC opponent for second consecutive series | April 1, 2024

With three hard-fought victories this week, UTD baseball improved, moving to second place in the ASC divisional standings and overtaking rival Mary Hardin-Baylor.   On March 28, when UTD welcomed conference opponent Concordia to Richardson ahead of Easter weekend, the team was in third place in the ASC standings — three games behind first-place East Texas […]

Women’s tennis defeats LeTourneau | April 1, 2024

The UTD women’s tennis team defeated LeTourneau 8-1 on March 20 in their first ASC matchup before shutting out McMurry 9-0 on March 24. However, their winning streak ended with a 4-3 loss to Missouri-St. Louis on March 25.  Against LeTourneau, the Comets won two of their three doubles matches to start the day’s play. […]

‘Salam & howdy’: Muslims travel from across Texas for ‘largest Suhoor fest’ in the state | April 1, 2024

The simmering of countless spices mingled with the joyous laughter of attendees of Suhoor Fest as a “Salam and Howdy” sign welcomed friends and families. The festival, held on March 23 from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. at the multipurpose fields of UTD, was the ‘largest Suhoor fest’ in Texas, according to the organizers.  According […]

Sandwalking into a new generation of sci-fi | April 1, 2024

Thump, Thump, Thump. The rhythmic beats of a thumper draws Shai-Hulad through the spice-covered hills of Arrakis towards an exiled duke burdened by prophecy, his hooks ready to sink into the coarse skin of the sandworm… and the hearts of “Dune” fanatics.   Paul Atreides returns to the big screen right where he left off after […]

AOE immerses audience in favorite anime worlds | April 1, 2024

Anime Orchestra Ensemble immersed listeners in the nostalgic sounds of their favorite anime with a live performance on March 28 at 7:30 p.m.   AOE performed as the debut act before the Cosplay Competition for Comet Con, blending rock, punk and pop in their compositions to take creative liberties with the well-loved music from popular Japanese […]

Comic creators draw in panel audience at Comet Con | April 1, 2024

The early 2000s were a time of cheesy toy infomercials, colorful comic pages and afterschool cartoons blaring on TV. This nostalgia is revitalized today through the amusing work of David DeGrand, Hector Cantú and Cyanide and Happiness’ Rob DenBleyker, who shared their artistic tips and journeys at Comet Con on March 29.   Comet Con had […]

Comet Con Get ready with me: Cosplay Edition | April 1, 2024

Bountiful blonde curls, iconic pouty pink lips, an elaborate multi-tiered gown and a golden crown are what make the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom so highly recognized in the world of video games. One UTD cosplayer unveils her take on Princess Peach for Comet Con attendees accepting the challenge of embodying this famous bubbly character.   […]

‘Small Talk’ highlights graduate storytelling | April 1, 2024

Wood, wires, rope and projectors, and an array of art materials litter the floor of the SP/N gallery. The disorder in this space sheds insight into the creative process of graduate students’ art projects, part of the “Small Talk” exhibit.   “Small Talk” is a multimedia installation project created as part of a class — VPAS […]

Furry Fiesta is fur-ocious fun | April 1, 2024

Art stalls overflowed with merchandise and countless colorful, larger-than-life animal costumes greeted guests at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, which hosted 2024’s Texas Furry Fiesta convention from March 15 to 17. This year, more than 17 Comets in fursuits attended the convention to socialize and connect with over 8,000 other furries.  TFF 2024 is the fourth […]

AIAA members soar to new heights | April 1, 2024

As the only aerospace club at UTD, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics creates a supportive community for all members to pursue their passions within the field; it also helps members reach their professional goals through projects and networking opportunities.   After UTD’s chapter was created in 2016, AIAA has seen vast growth in membership […]

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