Arochi Trial: September 27

On Tuesday, Enrique Arochi, the man convicted of the aggravated kidnapping of UTD alumna Christina Morris, waived his right for a jury to decide his punishment. Judge Mark Rusch will decide his fate at a hearing on Friday.

Before Arochi walked in, attorneys for both sides hustled in and out of the courtroom, delaying the trial from its 9 a.m. start time by about 30 minutes.

Once Arochi, the attorneys and Rusch were all in, Rusch announced Arochi’s decision and made sure Arochi knew all of its implications.

He told Arochi the charge of aggravated kidnapping requires him to forego the possibility of community supervision, meaning Arochi will be sentenced anywhere from five years to life in prison.

Rushch said he’ll consider the entire range of possible time for Arochi.

Attorneys for both sides and family members declined comment to members of the press.

Sentencing resumes Friday at 8:45 a.m. Follow @arochimercury for updates.

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