Arochi Trial: September 20

The trial of the man accused in the disappearance of an alum progresses at the Collin County courthouse. Photo by Cara Santucci | Managing Editor.

After hearing the closing arguments in the trial of Enrique Arochi, the man charged in the aggravated kidnapping of UTD alumna Christina Morris, the jury deliberated for approximately seven hours. They did not reach a conclusion and were sent to a hotel for the night. They will resume deliberations tomorrow morning.

The prosecution stated during closing arguments that Arochi is responsible for Morris’ disappearance, pointing to Morris’ DNA found in the trunk of Arochi’s car, phone records placing Arochi and Morris in the same location and video evidence of the two walking together the night Morris disappeared.

The defense, on the other hand, stated that the prosecution did not have a unified theory of what happened and called into question the motive of Plano police in the case to focus on Arochi rather than other potential suspects.

During deliberations, the jury sent multiple notes to the Judge Mark Rusch to clarify questions and disputes jurors had among one another. Late in the day, one juror fell ill and was excused. An alternate took her spot and is now an active juror.

Rusch said he would be collecting all the jurors’ electronic devices for the night. He instructed members of the jury to not go online or check any news outlets.

There is no time table on when the jury will reach a verdict.

Check back with The Mercury tomorrow for a full description of the closing arguments and a possible verdict announcement.

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