Day: April 3, 2023

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Get To Know Your Candidates

Before you vote, The Mercury put together a breakdown for all the candidates for Student Government. The deadline to vote is Wednesday, April...


Upperclassmen waitlisted as campus housing demand soars

The housing market is already difficult for millions of North Texans, but as summer approaches and enrollment continues to increase, UTD has little...


Composting for a cause

UTD’s Office of Sustainability has partnered with Turn Compost to provide accessible compost bins to students on campus. Starting in 2018, Student Government’s...


Texas bills could target international students

Texas lawmakers in Austin have introduced a series of bills that could affect university funding, minority groups and higher education. Restrictions on transgender...


Brent Tourangeau sworn in as chief of police

In late February, campus welcomed former assistant police chief Brent Tourangeau as the newest UTD chief of police. Tourangeau’s official coronation was held...


FOCUS signs vandalized

Comets vandalized a Christian organization’s recruitment signs, sparking debate online. On March 8, the Instagram meme account @utdbruhmoments featured a slideshow of images...


Eco Hub Blooms For Spring

In the face of global warming, ozone depletion and rampant deforestation, UTD’s Eco Hub, a project of the Office of Sustainability managed by...


Chemist advances cancer research

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, or CPRIT, has awarded UTD $6 million as part of a recruitment grant to hire...


Tennis team undefeated

UTD’s men’s and women’s tennis teams are No. 1 in the ASC East conference for Division III, where they have persisted as undefeated...


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