Day: August 18, 2004


Civil liberties on the line

In fall of 2003, two American men were arrested for engaging in child prostitution in Cambodia. The detainment of proven pedophiles is unquestionably...


Charges added for Waterview assailant

David Patrick Woodard, charged in fall 2003 with burglary and attempted sexual assault in Waterview Apartments, has been charged in a two-year-old kidnapping...


Weight… they’ve lost their minds

Let’s face it: Americans are fat. We are porked up on hamburgers, pizza and ego. Psychological studies show that physically fit people generally...


UTD women hope new year’s resolution helps in final push

The first half of the 2003-04 season has been a struggle for the UTD women’s basketball team. A 3-8 start and a couple...


Researchers to address world’s water worries

The UTD geosciences department is funneling together manpower and research to find solutions to ease demands for natural water resources by the world’s...


Construct a new PC at home for hundreds of dollars less

If you know enough not to confuse your USB with your FSB and your gigahertz with your gigabytes, you’ve got the skills to...


Karaoke Revolution brings harmony to party

Karaoke is an odd activity. From an outsider’s view, it looks awkward, embarrassing, and degrading. Yet, for some reason, it’s loads of fun...


UTD honor student dies just prior to graduation

Joseph Edwin Alexander passed away Dec. 8, 2003, in his home two weeks before he was to graduate summa cum laude as a...


‘Deus Ex’ takes one step forward, two back

From aliens buzzing trailer parks in saucer-shaped UFOs to secret meetings of The Illuminati, nobody can resist a good conspiracy. “Deus Ex,” released...


Dean search continues

One year after Richard Caldwell resigned as dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM), the search committee is still accepting...


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