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SG fall campaign promise check-in | December 6, 2021

The Mercury tracked Student Government’s progress with President and political science senior Ryan Short’s and Vice President and business administration sophomore Imaan Razak’s campaign promises. The following is our break-down: Promise 1: Uplift student concerns around UTD’s continued COVID-19 response Update: Promise 2: Strengthen SG’s commitment to student advocacy Update: Promise 3: Ensure students have […]

Honors college Dean retires | December 6, 2021

After 23 years as the Director of the Collegium V Honors Program and seven years as dean of the Hobson Wildenthal Honors College, Edward Harpham will be stepping down from his administrative post, effective January 1. Harpham, a political science professor, will be taking a year-long sabbatical, after which he intends to return to the […]

Spring COVID plan | December 6, 2021

As finals conclude and students set their eyes on returning to campus next semester, UTD is doing the same with regard to its COVID-19 protocols. By and large, Vice President and Chief of Staff Rafael Martín says that the current plan is to treat the spring semester as they had planned this fall before the […]

Spring Intramurals Announcement | December 6, 2021

After a semester of limited operations, intramural sports will return to full force for the spring semester with a lineup that includes basketball, FIFA and wiffleball leagues as well as special events like table tennis, Overwatch and a version of Battleship played on canoes in the AC pool. Ben Piper, associate director of programs for […]

Cross country team prepares for spring | December 6, 2021

UTD’s cross country teams concluded the year on a high note and now turn their focus to preparing for the track season. Beset by a number of difficulties, including injuries to Graeme Maclean – the defending ASC 1,500 and 800m champion – both the men’s and women’s cross country teams fell short of the ASC […]

Student Union construction, recreation center planning continue | December 6, 2021

New buildings on campus include the addition to the Student Union, currently under construction, and the proposed recreational/events center. “The recreation area (of the Student Union addition) will be scaled-up to include five pool tables, ping pong tables, air hockey, a typing/computer room, a video games room and a big-screen TV,” said Gloria Williams, coordinator […]

UTD researcher discovers new way to blast Neuroblastoma tumours | December 6, 2021

A UTD faculty member has discovered a way to treat tumors without the detrimental side effects. Assistant professor of bioengineering Shashank Sirsi, who made the initial discovery, conducts research on neuroblastoma, a rare form of pediatric cancer. In his image-guided drug delivery lab, Sirsi and his team investigate how tumors can be treated using different […]

UTD Alumnus Puts New Spin On LGS Formula | December 6, 2021

A UTD alum is changing the way that trading card game players consume their so-called “cardboard crack” with a non-traditional LGS model and a focus on customer experience. Alan Hussein is a UTD alum running the Mystery MTG card shop. He started it two years ago as a fully online retailer, wanting to change the […]

Innocence Project alums reunited as public defenders | December 6, 2021

San Diego native Blake Eaton knew he wanted to be a lawyer ever since he was in middle school. After enrolling at UTD, he quickly became involved in Moot Court, Mock Trial and the Innocence Project — an initiative to exonerate wrongly convicted individuals. Today, he works alongside two other UTD alums in the San […]

Ask Sophie: When should I take a break? | December 6, 2021

There are two types of students in this world: those who spend their winter break sleeping and exploring the depths of Netflix and those who spend it catching up on work. While the bulk of UTD students probably fall in the latter category, devoting too much of your time off to work can be just […]

Comets win international championship in dispute resolution competition | December 6, 2021

On November 13, a team of Comets claimed the title of world champions for UTD at the International Academy for Dispute Resolution mediation contest. First-time competitors Hadia Siddiqui, a psychology senior, and Ifunanya Ngadi, an ITS senior, were selected to represent UTD in the final round after strong performances in the preliminaries. Despite technical difficulties […]

How Russia got turned upside down | December 6, 2021

Thanks, UTD PD! First of all, for jumping my car battery so I could get home for Thanksgiving. Second, for the officer who explained his deep and abiding hatred of Russia and everything it stood for when I answered his, “Hey, what are you reading?” conversation starter. He had particularly strong words for Vladimir Putin […]

UTD’s Esports Program Needs More Permanent Support | December 6, 2021

The UTD Esports team has outgrown the administration’s current support and needs another permanent staff member to keep the program’s momentum going; otherwise, it risks losing the program’s progress. The interim period since inaugural coach Greg Adler left the esports program has both demonstrated the program’s potential and exposed the flaws with the current administration. […]

Zita provides light-hearted sci-fi fun | December 6, 2021

Through a whimsical and eye-catching art style, Ben Hatke puts his own twist on the classic hero’s journey in his three-part comic book series “Zita the Spacegirl.” Against an apocalyptic sci-fi backdrop, Hatke keeps things interesting by making the hero’s journey one of redemption instead of self-discovery or lost innocence. This series is a fun […]

Rewind your fantasy with the dark academia genre | December 6, 2021

Dark academia is more than just a TikTok trend — it provides a refreshing escape from our technology-obsessed lives as it romanticizes the pursuit of knowledge through literature, classic architecture and a gothic color scheme. Think blazers, pleated slacks and a novel clutched in your arms as you rush to your Greek classics class or […]