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UTD returns to fully in-person | October 4, 2021

After six weeks of de-densified instruction, UTD administration made the decision to return campus to full density. Classes will be back in person full-time beginning Oct. 4, and professors have been given the option to terminate use of most online components of learning, including live online lectures and recordings. The directive came directly from President […]

UTD names first female Hispanic AD in NSDA D-III | October 4, 2021

Effective Oct. 1, Bill Pettit is transitioning out of the role of Director of Athletics, and Angela Marin has been appointed to fill that role until a full job search can be completed. Marin, who has been with UTD’s athletics department since 2012, was previously the Associate Athletics Director. She steps into this new role […]

Grand theft Tobor | October 4, 2021

A recent incident regarding a few students who put a UTD food delivery robot in the trunk of their car gained a lot of attention among Comets online, attempting to speculate what intent could have motivated this act. On Tuesday, Sept. 14, two students were recorded carrying a food delivery robot, or Tobor, to their […]

Bookstore competition heats up, students remain victors | October 4, 2021

From The Mercury Archives: Sept. 2, 1992 The competitive battle between UTD’s bookstore and Off Campus Bookstore has benefitted UTD students, as the campus bookstore is forced to cut book prices and open longer hours. “Prices at the campus bookstore were very high,” said Alison Keenan, who owns Off Campus Books with her husband, Patrick. […]

Coach check in: Hemal “Hemal” Salvi | October 4, 2021

Today on Coach Check-in, I sat down with head League of Legends coach Hemal “Hemal” Salvi to discuss the beginning of the team’s season and its future. I cast y’alls game the other day, and I saw that you were in the midlane. How did that happen? So in the tournament we’re in, basically our […]

Comets clash with DFW’s best smashers | October 4, 2021

Comets can return to on-campus Smash Ultimate battles against top players in the DFW area with the return of Comet Clash to the SU on Sunday evenings. The student-organized Comet Clash Smash tournament returns after spending time at the Blackstone Launchpad and waiting out the brunt of the pandemic. The on-campus local provides a cheap […]

Best Of Five: The best and worst of esports today | October 4, 2021

It’s a good day to be a fan of UTD esports. The Overwatch team is putting up undefeated scorelines, the Rocket League team is off to the races and the Smash team is showing results at Comet Clash, Freaks, Low Tide City and more. Let’s dive in! Comets beat the Chads 2-0 In what could […]

J-pop music strikes a chord strikes a chord with student with student pianists | October 4, 2021

Four. Strike. Five. Strike. Three. Strike. Six. Strike. ATEC junior Caleb Wang strikes a wave of upbeat J-pop chords in the rhythm of “Fireworks” by DAOKO and Kenshi Yonezu. Chemistry freshman Nathaniel Nguyen sits next to him on the worn piano bench, rocking his head back and forth and animatedly humming to spur Caleb on. […]

A powerful slice-of-life | October 4, 2021

Despite being called “A Little Life,” Hanya Yanagihara’s bestselling novel brings more than just a little heartache to readers by using beautiful language to combat the emotional and physical trauma she unleashes on her characters. The novel follows the lives of four men as they navigate the joys and trials of adulthood, but this is […]

SP/N Gallery honors ATEC Professor | October 4, 2021

Richard Brettell, a prominent art historian and educator, transformed the Dallas art scene during his lifetime. His brief tenure as the director of the Dallas Museum of Art earned him the affectionate title of “Art’s Bad Boy,” and his passing in 2020 left a significant void in the local and international art scene. “Brettell: An […]

Ask Sophie: Test Anxiety | October 4, 2021

After a long, hard week of studying, you take a deep breath and print your name on your exam booklet, eyes skimming over the first question. But as you try to make sense of the words, your heart sinks, your stomach churns and your mind suddenly goes blank. If this experience sounds familiar, you’ve likely been […]

Technology support on tap | October 4, 2021

Are you or a loved one suffering from computer gremlins? Luckily, OIT’s newly-opened TechKnowledgy Baris conveniently located in the lower floor of the Student Union and is dedicated to showcasing new technology and helping Comets resolve any device-related headaches. Though not the first time that OIT has had a walk-up help desk, Chief Information Officer […]

Stroke rehab device speeds up motor skills recovery | October 4, 2021

UTD researchers received FDA approval for their stroke rehabilitation device, bringing eight years of research by over 500 students and faculty to fruition. In 2013, the UTD Texas Biomedical Device Center set out to create a device that would increase the stroke recovery rate. At the time, PhD students Ben Porter and Navid Khodaparast demonstrated […]

Pipe rupture leaves Comets high and dry | October 4, 2021

A hairline fracture in a piece of PVC pipe six inches in diameter was all it took to dramatically disrupt the daily routines of many Comets living in the Phase 6 University Village apartments. There’s no certain answer to what caused the leak, which saw city water – which would not be restored to buildings […]

Bottles in DHW? H2NO | October 4, 2021

A recent reimplementation of the “no water bottles” policy in Dining Hall West (DHW) is intended to address the issues of cross-contamination and the use of the Dining Hall as a to-go facility. Students might bring their water bottles into DHW when getting a meal right after class, wanting to refill their bottles with cold […]

UTD’s students need a (balanced) return to in-person instruction | October 4, 2021

Last week, there was a Change.org petition suggesting that UTD return to fully online learning for the semester. While that particular suggestion doesn’t seem to be getting serious attention, Student Government is polling students about a resolution to extend de-densification, and a vocal segment of Comets have been campaigning against this week’s proposed operations adjustment. […]

Performative activism distracts from real issues | October 4, 2021

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2021 Met Gala dress exemplifies how individuals use performative activism to gain social capital rather than actively promote change. Performative activism typically entails fruitless and pointless actions from celebrities and influencers that take away from the voices of people with less social or political influence and overshadow their initiatives. This type of activism […]

Beautiful space comic embodies creative spirit | October 4, 2021

“Wandering Star” by Teri Sue Wood centers around Cassandra, a big deal space-war hero. But Wood’s visuals, themes and opening scene make it immediately clear that this series is no generic war hero’s narrative. The series starts with Cassandra being interviewed about her time fighting the main antagonists of her galactic universe – the Bono […]

Ryan Short new president elect, Imaan Razak default VP after opponent leaves race | April 4, 2021

Ryan Short and Imaan Razak – running on the Reimagine SG ticket – were elected Student Government president and vice president, respectively, for the 2021-2022 academic year, following Razak’s VP opponent resigning from the election. The SG election results were announced on March 31, with Short – a political science junior – pulling 61% of […]

Men’s cross-country team wins third consecutive ASC championship | April 4, 2021

UTD men’s cross-country team won their third consecutive ASC championship in early March, while the women’s team took second place. On March 13, teams from eight universities competed in the race at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas. The UTD men’s team finished 21 points ahead of runner-up LeTourneau University, with four Comets – […]

Comets batter up after delayed season | April 4, 2021

Following several delays, the UTD baseball team’s spring season has begun in full. With a roster composed predominantly of younger players, the Comets have managed to maintain a steady series of wins over their competition. Scheduled to begin in early February, the Comets’ season was pushed back in light of the freezing temperatures brought on […]

Comets seize a regional win for Super Smash Bros | April 4, 2021

The Smash team took top seed in the national qualifying regional after a loser’s final versus UT Arlington and a grand final win against UT Austin. The Comets cinched the regional win after being sent down to the loser’s bracket by UT Austin, forcing them to fight a loser’s final against the second seed team […]

Comets place first in Rocket League qualifying tournament | April 4, 2021

UTD just started play in the CRL Spring League after placing first in the Spring League Qualifying tournament. After finishing top eight in the Fall National Championships for CRL, UTD’s Rocket League team is going into their second semester with a major win and substantial growth in team cohesion. Shortly after winning the qualifier, they’ve […]

Mission: impossible (to help) | April 4, 2021

At first glance, short-term mission trips might seem like a good way to get involved in humanitarian work, but they are actually more harmful than helpful to the communities they seek to assist. Mission trips seek to help disadvantaged communities, usually in other countries, by doing activities such as building houses and schools, caring for […]

SG passes resolution discouraging use of Honorlock | April 4, 2021

During their Feb. 23 senate meeting, UTD Student Government passed a resolution recommending all professors stop using Honorlock. Kruthi Kanduri, a freshman senator and cognitive science major, took point on the Honorlock resolution during the meeting, opting for an alternative to the controversial proctoring service. The resolution conveys the official stance of Student Government and […]

Safe eating with SafeDish | April 4, 2021

After a recent bout with food poisoning, a UTD student co-created SafeDish, an app that makes it easier to find health inspection information for nearby restaurants. Computer science senior Caleb Jiang noticed how inaccessible health inspection data is when he got food poisoning after eating at Chipotle. Jiang said that while restaurants are required to […]

UT Southwestern opens vaccination site on campus | April 4, 2021

Chemistry senior Roberto Ramirez stands outside UT Southwestern’s COVID-19 vaccine site at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center, smiling as he greets people walking in to get vaccinated. A woman who just received her first dose stops in front of Ramirez to chat. She tells him she appreciates the little decorations scattered outside the site and, more […]

‘Can You Find the Gun?’: virtual art festival explores social justice | April 4, 2021

In response to a year marked by discussions on social and racial justice, ATEC is hosting a virtual Social Justice Art & Film Festival (SJAFF) for students to showcase work that engages with these topics. The festival showcases 13 projects that include short films and documentaries, animated shorts, an interactive digital archive and a video […]

We need women in STEM | April 4, 2021

“Too emotional for science.” Phrases like this have continuously hindered women trying to break the glass ceiling in STEM. Why are these barriers still alive and well in the new decade? There’s no denying that the number of women entering STEM has significantly increased since 1990. However, when we look at the rapid rate at […]

Social distance makes the heart grow fonder | April 4, 2021

Due to social distancing measures and generally reduced in-person gatherings, traditional relationship interactions are no longer as feasible, making long-distance relationships more prevalent. Regardless of whether a couple lives in the same city or on opposite sides of the world, nearly all communication is now virtual. Pavan Govu, a computer science senior, has been in […]